December 1

Bulk Plant Maintenance: Are You Up to Date?

Our last article, “Petroleum Storage Plant Maintenance: Invest in Your Asset“, addressed the concern many plant owners had regarding the risk of costly downtime caused by outdated and unserviceable petroleum storage equipment.

The best way to avoid these downtime expenses is to know what to look out for. Below are a few examples of the many outdated components that can still be found in bulk plants today. It is recommended that these be addressed in a timely manner to avoid up to 6 weeks of loading process downtime.


  • Neptune A and C models haven’t been made in over 30 years
  • TOKHEIM Meters Model 1450 and 1400 were discontinued over 20 years ago


  • Ingersoll Rand RVL series pumps haven’t been made in over 25 years
  • Marlow 32 HEL series pumps haven’t been made in over 15 years

Loading Arms

  • Wheaton Brass removable seal joints were discontinued over 40 years ago


  • Neptune Strainers haven’t been made in more than 30 years

Safety Access Stair and Ramp Equipment

  • Non-conforming to OSHA standards

Fortunately Savage Associates Inc. offers a variety of options to assist in the prevention of these costly oversights.

If you would like a site visit from one of our techs, call us at 732-764-7270 to set up an appointment. This site visit will include a free follow-up report which lists out all of your equipment, as well as a 2-year Spare Parts List for that equipment which is still serviceable. The goal is for you to be better prepared in order to avoid any costly downtime by identifying potential trouble areas.

If a site visit is not possible, you may also contact us via email at Please include a list of your product transfer equipment along with pictures and we will be happy to advise you as to whether your equipment is still serviceable.